Advice on Purchasing Silver Coins

Are you looking for more information on the best way to invest in silver? If so then you should strongly consider investing in silver coins. Buying silver coins is a relatively inexpensive way to get into investing in precious metals and building a well diversified portfolio of investments! Have a look at the video below and then peruse the article listed below the video so you have all the information you need to speak to someone that sells silver coins.



Buying Silver Coins for an Investment


The American Silver Eagle

Today, silver coins can be purchased for investment purposes, individually, or by way of a self-directed, IRA. Probably, the best coin to choose in this respect is the American Eagle coin, issued, uncirculated, by the U.S. mint.

An Ideal Coin to Add to an Investment Portfolio

The coin, which originally was designed as a Double Eagle coin, in 1907, meets the purity guidelines for precious metal IRAs, and can be easily purchased and sold. Because of its high liquidity and the fact that its metal content is guaranteed by the U.S. government, the American Eagle is an ideal silver coin to add to any investment portfolio.

Silver Names and Brands

Silver investor coins come in various forms, albeit all round. For instance, silver bullion coins are minted by both private companies and government mints. Some of the more famous brands that are related to this kind of coinage include the U.S. Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, Pan American Silver, and NWT Mint Silvers.

Coins from Mints around the World

Minting companies in various countries around the globe also feature their own versions of silver coins. The designs and trademarks are engraved and featured on the obverse (front) and reverse (back) of the coin as well as the issue date. The obverse side of any coin always highlights the principal design.

Commemoratives in Silver

Most of these coins can be used as legal tender – meaning they have corresponding monetary values that can be used for buying items or services. Mints also issue commemorative coins in silver as well as coins that are classified as memorabilia.

Ideal Silver Investments

“Coins” that are considered rounds reference any coinage that is not considered legal tender, which is minted by private companies. Typically, these kinds of coins come in 1 Troy oz. sizes and are made of pure 99.9% silver. If you want to invest in silver, this type of silver comes the closest to the spot or market price for the metal. If you are devoted to investing in silver then, “rounds” or “blanks” (coinage which isn’t engraved) are ideal silver investments.

Silver Requirements for a Precious Metals IRA

If you want to invest in silver coins for a precious metals IRA, you can only purchase coins that are made of either .999 or 99.9% pure silver. Most of the coins that you’ll acquire are 1 Troy oz. in size.

Junk Coins – Collector-type Silver Coins

While some silver coins are minted with 90% silver, they usually are not coins that you can use for investment. Known as junk coins, these kinds of coins were minted in 1964 or before that time. During that period, U.S. change, such as dimes or quarters, contained approximately 90% silver. Therefore, the face value of the coins is always less than the value of the silver they contain.

A Safe Investment Bet

Needless to say, when it comes to buying silver coins for investment reasons, you want to find a coin that is not only recognizable but one that can be stored or included in an IRA. Popularity and liquidity are just as important as value and security. That’s why the American Silver Eagle is a favorite among investors. Not only can you include the coin in an IRA account, you can also stockpile the coins yourself. Plus, the coin can be used as legal tender if you so choose. Because the government guarantees the coin’s content and value, you can feel assured that the venerated coinage is a safe investment bet.